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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

iPhone Case Reviews

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After scouring amazon for quite some time I've been able to come up with what I believe to be some of the best iPhone 4/4s cases out on the market and all being under $10 bucks! How can you beat that?

To start us off we'll go with a simple, yet effective hardcover case. Not sure of the brand of this particular case, however it does come in several different colors for all of your individual preferences of if you're a female your fashion needs! I personally purchased this case and I should warm you, if you do plan on snagging one up yourself to expect a delay in shipping as this case is shipped from hong kong... 2-3 weeks on average, but for $2 bucks... I'd say it's worth the wait!

Next up we've got this dirty dirty black & chromed out cover, however we do have the AT&T restriction on this one, however I'm sure you could find an alternative if you searched a little deeper. Try not to turn any heads when you whip out this flashy case. And no one would ever be able to tell you only spent a couple bucks on this bad boy! Getcha some.

After that last dirty case, we've got to come back with some fresh & clean style... And what better way to look crisp & clean than with an all white everything cover. Elago puts this one out with a little higher price tag than the others... However you can't go wrong with spending a few more bucks on a white frosting case like this. If white is your groove, might as well buy 2.

Last but not least we're closing things out with something a little different than your standard iPhone 4/4s case. This one will do more than catch an eye in the right light (literally). Take this one out to the night clubs and when they turn the black lights on or drop the lights down low for that bumpin & grindin song, you'll be the center of attention when the ladies see this glowing inside your pants... They gotta know what you got... Never fails to impress.

So there you have it... Some style, some class and all in all some legit cases for under $10 bucks.

More to come so stay tuned for some more reviews & finds.

The DailyDrew: First Edition

Welcome one, welcome all!

Most of you will know me as you come across my blog, however I plan to use my blog for more than just life updates and to speak about important things in my life...

This blog will essentially turn into a marketplace for reviews, upcoming products and deals you can't pass up.

Don't expect me to spam you, however you will get access to my personal reviews of products that companies pay me advertise and promote.

You can follow along as I work myself out of a job and into life of freedom and time management and will also get tips & tricks on how to do the same if you so desire.

I've called my blog the DailyDrew, not because I plan to update daily, but because you will have access to awesome content every day that you choose to!

First off I'm going to link this legit video I came across while procrastinating on YouTube.

A space excursion is a dream of mine and definitely on the bucket list of things to do before I die, and while although it might seem like a distant or unreal dream for most, I plan to make this one come true.

Here's a 2 part video of a guy by the name of Felix Baumgartner who, to put it mildly, is a stud! Check him out.

This 2nd Video goes a bit deeper into his jump and pushes the crew that much closer to shattering the world record for the worlds highest jump.

Once I hear further on the actual live jump, I'll be sure to write a special post so that you all can see history in the making!

Hope you enjoyed seeing that fires me up and stick around for what else is in store!

Till next time, this has been the first edition of: The DailyDrew